AT 3-001_FA20: Course Alias:
The Yellow Bicycle Diaries is a course on cultural immersion and travel writing. In it, you will be asked to keep a daily journal, write short, thoughtful, creative pieces about your experiences, and collaborate on a travel guide to Eckerd College and St. Petersburg, FL. We will look carefully at model travel journals, diaries, and essays to help us explore the conventions of these forms. We will spend much of our class time exploring St. Petersburg and Eckerd College in order to create a guide for future travelers. Students will build a personal website to house all of their individual course content and in order to create an individual account of their travel experience. Work from those websites will be selected by the class, and at the discretion of the instructor, for inclusion in our collaborative book: The Yellow Bicycle Diaries: A Guide to Eckerd College & Life Outside the Bubble.