AT 28-001_FA20: Course Alias:
The 21st century has brought increasing recognition and visibility to aspects of gender identity and expression that transcend traditional male/female binaries. While a departure from longstanding conventions in many societies, this growing awareness of gender fluidity, non-binary gender identities and pronouns, and other evolving ideas about gender is not without historical precedence. In this course, students will read narratives from Greek and Roman mythology and literature (and some later texts and films inspired by those narratives) in which gender is presented as a construct that is fluid, ambiguous, and/or non-binary, and compare and connect these representations with ideas and discourse concerning gender from the 21st century. For students entering Eckerd and meeting peers with identities and backgrounds that may be very different from their own, this course will foster valuable perspectives on diversity and inclusive modes of interaction, while challenging preconceived notions about individuals (including oneself), societal groups, and gender as a historical category. In this particular year, this course will also provide a compelling complement to the 2020 Summer Reading book Circe (and the 2020-2021 CPS theme: ?Mortality, Becoming, and Other Mythic Truths?), which also invites readers to consider constructs of gender in famous episodes from Greek mythology.