AT 25-001_FA20: Course Alias:
?So, what kind of music do you listen to?? It?s a go-to question when getting to know someone at school, work, or a party. But what are we really asking with this? In society today, musical taste can be an important way people construct a sense of self and other. Whether in pop genres like indie, hip-hop, country, EDM, or metal; in folk or regional traditions of song and performance; or in an established art tradition like western classical: music involves much, much more than just its sounds and texts. Musical styles, networks, technologies, and events engage with some of our most fundamental social, cultural, and aesthetic sensibilities. This course will incorporate academic and non-academic readings, which will give you tools to listen critically and think in new ways about music. You?ll apply these tools both to your current favorites and to unfamiliar styles and traditions, considering not only what music means to you, but also what music can mean to people from various backgrounds and perspectives.