AT 22-001_FA20: Course Alias:
As long as there have been humans there have been games. As long as there have been games, humans have told stories about them. A game can be a story in itself: an opportunity to strive, explore, celebrate, contemplate, or grieve. This course aims to explore what role narrative games (both games that tell a story and stories concerned with games) play in constituting our identities and structuring our interactions with others in an increasingly connected social landscape. Class sessions will include discussions of a variety of assigned readings, writing exercises, orientation to Eckerd?s academic system, and group gaming sessions spanning a wide variety of different media and methods.The first few years of life are an exhilarating time of continuous learning and discovery. Each day a child learns more about the world into which he or she was born, and the people and events of that world play vital roles in helping this new person grow and develop. In this course we will examine how family, school and community influence a child?s development. We will discuss the effects of parenting, siblings, child care, peer groups, media, and societal factors on a child?s cognitive and social development. We will also study the bidirectional interaction between the child and his or her environment.