AT 20-001_FA20: Course Alias:
We talk all the time about people ?on a mission? to change the world but what does that really mean? Are missions supposed to be so hard that we can focus on nothing else? Are they possible or impossible? Do they alter who we are and how we behave? Why do most organizations feel the need to create mission statements? Do they really follow them? Join us on a journey as we explore these questions and seek to understand missions in our wider world while developing our own sense of what our individual missions might be. Our main sources will be the diaries of early German missionaries, Anna Botsford Comstock?s guide to the study of nature and Stephen Hawking?s musings about the universe, and the story of Adolf Tolkachev, a CIA spy in Moscow. We will also look at popular films like The Mission, The Martian and Mission Impossible and visit local community organizations in search of that elusive sense of purpose and meaning within ourselves and others.