AT 16-001_FA20: Course Alias:
This course offers an introduction to the interdisciplinary study of aging and the life course. We will examine the social, biological, and psychological dimensions of human development and aging. The class will also emphasize how historical and social contexts shape how people?s lives unfold, including how individuals from varying generations differ from one another. We will explore the concept of generational wars?including tension between the young and old?a phenomenon that emerged as early as the 18th century. The class will especially focus upon the developmental stage of young adulthood, including the unique social, political, and economic problems that millennials and generation Z face today. Relying on social scientific evidence, this course will allow us to discern fact and fiction about ?millennials? and ?Generation Z.? Course requirements will help students develop skills integral to college success, including research, writing, critical thinking, and speaking proficiency.