AT 1-001_FA20: Course Alias:
In the course Politics and Imagination, we will confront the most serious political issues that challenge human beings in our world. We live in times of political disruption and transformation. Through a variety of activities we will engage together in what Aristotle believed was a critical part of the human experience--thinking politically. Human beings do more than worry about survival; we think politically. If human beings only acted for their personal benefit or gain, then according to ancient philosophers, people would hardly be better than beasts. Politics empower us as a species but are also fraught with peril, violence, and disaster in the expression of a key component. This key component, full of magic and danger, is the need to create and use power in the political world. In the end, nothing is more pivotal in politics than the power of the human imagination. In our Autumn Term, we will use novels, films, debates, trials, discussions, and political theory to imagine our political present and future. Our goal is to build a foundation for a kind of thinking and conversations that may last a lifetime.